We live within an almost unbelievable energy field of love. Every day it seems to go up a notch. This phenomena has happened for 21 years.

We often say, “If only the world knew how to experience what we experience!” We each enjoy full-out love, support, harmony, inspiration, and mutually supported growth. It’s almost unimaginable!

So, we want to share with you a topic we discussed this week during our lunches. This is a great example of the quality of time and intimacy we share And you can do it too.dolphin soulmates

As soul mates, we often discuss the status of our souls. We’re each interested in spiritual progress, having a daily practice of mindfulness, awareness expansion, increasing our light and love. And more! So, Scotty posed two great questions for us to discuss. You can join our discussion. Here’s the first question:

Question 1: “What’s your soul trajectory?”

That is, what do you consider some of the biggest and most valuable lessons you’ve learned in this life? What did you go through to learn these lessons? And why are  they important to your soul?

This is the first half of the questions on our soul trajectories.

Shannon felt that some of the biggest lessons she’s learned are about opening her heart to greater compassion, enlarging her empathy towards her own and others sufferings, and speaking up for herself to be visible and to be knowable, as well as loving herself in many wonderful ways. While on this path, her confidence increased, and so did her ability to connect, and her awareness showed her what matters most to her – and what matters far less.

Scotty’s felt that some of the biggest lessons he’s learned are about getting out of the trap of measuring life by “form” – title, occupation, money, status – and living far more in the “essence” of being an expanding spiritual being. And then being more visible with his soul identity.

This discussion on our soul trajectories lasted for several days. Needless to say, our souls felt intimately connected as we learned even more about each other. Just as dolphins play & miraculously turn directions yet stay in unison, these soul conversations keep us connected like soul dolphins.

The second question is even juicier!  (We’re still on this subject!)

Question 2: “How can your soul move higher in its trajectory?”

In other words, “If your soul took a vertical curve upwards, what would it take for this to occur within you?” “And would you be willing to do that?”

Hard questions! But delicious! And the great part of answering these questions is that, as you answer, you actually enter a whole new soul awareness – discovering what you really know.

So, Shannon began her answer reaching for the highest power she knew. Surrender. Surrender everything. And turn it all over to a higher power. This is something she’s seen work miracles. Surrendering what she thinks is important – her goals, her opinions, her desires and wishes oriented towards satisfying outcomes. Surrender means she lets it go and trusts that she will be guided to a place that’s not on her goal list and could never make her goal list since there is a higher power that does know and will take her there.

Scotty’s answer was all about increasing his luminosity as a Light/Love Being. This is his soul. And by increasing his light, through greater awareness, compassion, and acceptance, he would become a brighter, more radiant soul.

Hundreds of people have told us that they want their soul mate. You’re on a list of thousands who are reading this message today. So we are feeding you with information about what a real soul mate relationship looks like. This is what we talk about. These are the things we’re interested in. We’re soul mates because we came together to help each other’s souls grow and develop.

For this to occur, it needs discussion – lots! And it needs listening, support, love, forgiveness, non-judging, deep concern, and a lot of heart. It needs to feel safe to come out of hiding and to become known even to ourselves.

If you were sitting there at these lunches with us, you would have been invited into this wonderful discussion. We would want to know your soul trajectory & what might make it leap even higher. And we would want you to be enthusiastic about learning about our soul trajectory.

If you are already in a good relationship, but you want to take it higher in soul – to move higher as a soul couple, and your heart aches for this level of intimacy, here are some hints to help this become a reality, not just a dream, in your life.

First, don’t wait for this kind of soul dialogue to come from your partner. If it hasn’t come so far, that’s a big hint. You can take the lead. Yes, it takes intimacy courage and leadership to start a soul conversation like we have every single day. But the real question is this: Do you really want to live your life with this person where what’s in your heart is buried? When your soul is out in the open, there is a far greater probability of your relationship moving higher – the soul trajectory of your relationship.

Let your partner see your aching heart and soul desire. Let it become so tangible and important that it dawns on your partner’s heart, “Wow, I had no idea all this was cooking in your soul. I want you to feel loved & I want this higher soul connection too. Let’s talk.”

If you open the door to such soul-level intimacy and your partner does not respond that way, then you might have to wrestle with the realization of new choices for your own soul trajectory. Do I want to live the rest of my life with this person without a soul connection? Even stating that to a partner might serve like a wake-up call to how serious this is to you.

And what if you are not yet in a relationship but you want this quality of soul mate conversation when you do get into an intimate relationship. What do you do?  Do you Just wait for the right person to come along so you can then ask these soul questions?

No. It’s immensely helpful to practice these soul conversations with others in your life right now. They may just be friends, but you won’t ever get talented in having a soul conversation unless you practice having such conversations.

This will also help you refine your skills  of having courage and leadership with emotional intimacy. And It will sharpen your skills in recognizing when someone is simply not open to such conversations. This will help you be more discerning in actually choosing someone who can function at the level of soul mate.

The key, whether you are in a relationship or not, is to move your soul trajectory higher.

As you can see by peeking into our lives, we each want to know the other at the ultimate soul level and we are each highly invested in exploring our souls together. And here is a big key. That exploration is infinite. If you think you already know your partner’s soul, and want a big wake-up, just ask your partner, “Sweetie, I’m highly interested in your soul evolution and growing together. What’s going on in your heart and soul that you haven’t shared with me?”  Then be prepared for an emotional Niagara Falls to pour out. This might be a huge turning point in the soul trajectory of your relationship.

The nature of soul is infinite expansion. Once you realize that, you realize that one or even a dozen soul-centered lunch conversations don’t end a soul conversation. It never ends!

If you could join us for lunch today, tomorrow, or in our next life, one thing is for sure. We’ll be loving each better – and each of us will feel more loved – because our soul conversation has kept advancing and advancing. And advancing. Daily.

That’s what soul mates do together. This creates the greatest intimacy on earth & indescribable beauty and strength for becoming who you need to become during this life time, partnered by the finest help you could receive from any other human being. By the way, this is what real love looks like. It’s bold and it’s visible!

We hope this article stimulates something strong within you to realize that you do indeed want this and are going after it in an even bigger way (or, that you want no part of this and no longer want a soul mate).

We send all our healing love to you as your life moves higher on your soul trajectory.

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