Scotty and I have written about this all important subject many times. It’s also the #1 question we are asked. So let me tell you straight out that, even though I’m going to share my highest advice, you may not like the answer.  The problem is that the question may take you to a far deeper answer, even requiring a monumental change in your life. Here’s why.

A soul mate, by its very nature, implies something with the soul. It’s not so much about finding the perfect companion because that’s not the leading attraction of a soul mate. It’s about matching Higher Selves and each of your spiritual values. In other words, it’s about your soul selves coming together.

This causes another issue to arise. Your soul actually has a purpose or mission. A soul mate relationship serves this purpose. Your soul incarnated for the reason of evolving to higher learning places of: love, joy, understanding, generosity, enlightenment, and peace in spite of the bombardment of the human experience’s crazy energies which distract, bring fear & conflict, and seduce us into a state of confusion, malaise, and imbalances. That’s the road your soul is on.

If you’re actively on that road (i.e. “actively” meaning you’re practicing your spiritual values, broadening your spirituality by reading, studying, reflecting, praying, & making efforts to learn and improve & apply your spiritual integrity to your present hardships,  etc), then there’s a strong chance you’ll find your soul mate. And if you don’t, there’s an equally rich soul path ahead for you. Here’s why.

The objective is to go greater into your Light. You’ll attract “the one” by your energy devoted towards the path of the Light. If there’s a soul mate who coincides with your path of Light & you can offer each other mutual support, love, joy, & devotion towards your spiritual path, then that’s the way it works.

What if, however, you are slated to go through this entire life without your soulmate? Or, perhaps, you had your soul mate for a period of time and the relationship ended for any of various reasons (soul mate struggling with addictions, soul mate passed on, soul mate couldn’t get a job and this, plus their narcissistic kids, were driving you nuts, etc). What then?

As an incarnate soul, your mission is broader, deeper, and more involved than just one life can provide. Your reach is for all of eternity. It involves many relationships for many deep learning experiences for your soul’s evolving. There are many important others who you can connect with, even intimately and lastingly.

In past life regressions, people often discover that their present best friends were also their parents or friends or spouses or siblings in previous lives. Even your present soul mate may have been one of those in a past life. We are capable of loving and being loved in every sphere, and by many. Along with living our values and Light, this love fills us. It’s available to us at all times both by loving ourselves, loving others, and being loved. By letting go of attachment crazies of having to have your soul mate, it opens you to a larger realm, the one most intended by your soul.

Many people attach themselves to a mate, call it their soul mate, and then live in frustration & misery because it wasn’t a match for their soul’s values. There’s a lot of time truly wasted by hooking up with the wrong person. It really messes up your life. So instead of settling down to nirvana with someone, you’ve settled for less. And now your entire life is spent on the lesson of learning to live with someone who’s holding you back or who you hardly get along with or someone who doesn’t treat you right. This problem then, becomes your path of Light. Remember, it’s all about tenacious learning so your soul can go higher.

The biggest reason for living needs to be more than being centered around one person, or being focused on a big hole in our hearts that is fed by disappointing relationships that end, one after another. Your biggest need for living needs to include knowing many other wonderful souls like yourself, who can combine to help you towards your greater Light as you also help them towards theirs. This is the very same bond that soul mates enjoy. It runs deep and wide and rich with love, support, interest, listening, caring, honesty, laughing, & growing together. Isn’t that what you most want?

As a soul, live from your highest place of joy, devotion, love, and giving. Become the wonder you came here to be! Let the joy & love begin now. Let your life be filled to the brim with your soul’s high destiny.

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