In a recent radio interview with lovely Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer, we discussed our favorite topic – the love you deserve.

Getting and giving the love you deserve is both simple and easy. It boils down to basic standards that are essential as a foundation for relationships.

One standard is to take the time to establish a friendship first. This is especially true for romantic relationships where we tend to rush it and then it evaporates. Think about it. Friends enjoy each other’s company. They don’t fight. A solid, reliable friend will take your side, show you caring support, compassion, & even loyalty and for years! Your friendships are valuable to your life happiness. It’s no different when you couple as a romantic partner. You want to begin with a friendship and simply spend time enjoying each other. This is the way you get to know someone. This is part of the love you deserve. From there, it either develops or it doesn’t. But at least, you didn’t go off the deep end making commitments that neither of you were ready for until the friendship was well established. And, in a long-lasting love relationship, what do you think is the glue? Deep friendship!

Another simple rule for the love you deserve is to select someone who will show consistent kindness and respect to you. Shannon overlooked that rule and wound up in an 18-year marriage of misery, lacking kindness and respect at many levels. Do you really want to overlook being treated with kindness? If you overlook it as essential, you will probably have a lot of conflict and misery. In fact, it’s the qualities of kindness and respect which build emotional safety and open the heart to love. And without kindness, you won’t feel emotionally safe to open up and experience the beautiful flow of love.

Another standard for soulmate relationships is to raise the energetic elevation in your conversations. The key word is “soul.” Without that, what are you pretending not to know? Bring in the light! Dare to talk about some of the things that really matter! There are certain things that take place in loving intimate conversations which actually affect the chemistry in your brain. Turns out, the brain lights up (as well as the heart), when you’re being acknowledged or praised. It also lights up when you discuss things you are grateful for, and things that are meaningful to you. It further lights up when you feel a deep connection with another person where you can harmoniously share how you each feel and identify those things that cause each of you to feel wonderful. Love actually flows! Bliss occurs! It’s what we live for.

This is the love you deserve.

Listen in on our great conversation about this with Sheryl!

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