Life hits us fast.

So fast, often, that we don’t have time to gather our wits. We just react.

Like when someone says something that stings our heart. We may instantly blurt back a retort without even thinking.

Or a disagreement quickly turns into an argument & the heat rises fast. Our best self doesn’t even stand a chance. There just isn’t enough “time” to quietly figure out what a good response would be. We just react and then feel bad. “I wish I could have handled that better.”

But what If you could freeze time to think of your very best response?

dodging bullets pix

I always enjoy those movies where time slows way down. Like when the bullets are coming at the good guy/gal and everything goes into super slow motion. You watch each bullet slowly moving towards its target, but this pausing of time gives the good guy/gal the ability to evade the bullets.

So I’ve invented a game for myself called “Time Pause.”

When someone says something that triggers my emotions, I try to remember to freeze time so I can actually THINK about my highest response.

For example, an argument ignites. I, of course, think I’m right and state that immediately. So does the other person. Things don’t go so well from that point on.

But when I’m alert enough to think “Pause time,” something magical happens. First, I don’t say anything. Second, I start “observing” more. And third, I start thinking at a higher frequency. Is winning this argument more important than our relationship? What’s my Highest Self response?

It only takes milliseconds to think these thoughts and move my heart & mind to a higher place.

To be honest, I’m only 50% successful in my “Pause Time” game, but I’m gaining on it  Half the time, I don’t even remember the “possibility” of Pause Time when life hits me fast. My failures at “Time Pause” game, however, are making me more aware of the opportunities I am so frequently missing.

A consciousness that has expanded cannot return to its old self. Just knowing that my little “Time Pause” game is possible has let me grow into it. And now that you know of this possibility, there’s no escape for you either.

Welcome to “Time Pause…”

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